Nigui Saff K-Dance is the originator of the Mapouka--Mapouka Originale. The music is a symphony of traditional drum, stirring vocals and movement propelled by a pure primordial and unique African essence. They are superb performers ready for cultural centers or part of the international summer stage in any US, UK or Canadian city.

Nigui Saff K-Dance received the International Music Award for best African Dance and Music in South Africa in 2000. Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela conferred the award to the group.

Mapouka and especially Nigui Saff has reinvigorated not only Ivorian but also the collective West African music culture. See what this group is about. See the way they carry their audience to the traditional times of the Avikam and Ahizi villages. Pure, rhythmic, exotic--beautiful--this is the Mapouka of Nigui Saff K-Dance.

The group is made up of 8 extraordinarily talented individuals. The band consists of 4 male musicians: vocalists, percussionists and drummers. Their sound is described as melodic with a captivating tempo-- It is the sound of the Nigui Saff village, it is Mapouka.

The dancers are 4 beautiful Avikam ladies. They move with grace akin to the subtle yet powerful rush of the waves on the Gulf of Guinea, coupled with an unassuming sensuality.

The group has won numerous acclaim in Africa and Europe. In 2000, the group won best African dance and music at the International Music Awards in South Africa. Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela were on hand to present the group with this most distinguished honor.

Nigui Saff has also toured Europe visiting Holland, France and Belgium. The group continues to express and represent the art and majesty of the Nigui Saff tribal tradition.
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